Florida organization builds energy-efficient home for local teachers

The Mount Dora Community Trust in Lake County, Florida, recently announced that it had completed construction of an energy-efficient home that will give student-teacher interns and new teachers in the area the opportunity to rent out a room at a low cost while working at one of the region’s schools. 

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Trust purchased a historic house in 2004 and realized in 2010, as routine maintenance and repairs were being conducted, that there were significant structural problems. With the help of Mount Dora architect Eline Ransom, trust officials oversaw the reconstruction of the property, ensuring that it included energy-efficient products. 

The new home incorporates a number of green technologies including Energy Star and WaterSense-certified appliances and CFL and LED light fixtures acquired through local and regional small businesses. Ransom designed the property to maximize space and utilize natural resources such as direct sunlight through its many windows. 

“We are so pleased with the outcome as our intent was to make effective use of available resources and to take advantage of the existing infrastructure already in place and all that this location offers, while being respectful to the scale and level of detailing that exists within the historic district,” said vice chairman Ed Brooks, whose company, First National Bank of Mount Dora, serves as trustee for the Mount Dora Community Trust. “To build this house, less energy was used to connect it to services, less energy to operate it and less energy will be used in transportation of its residents for work and daily needs.”

It’s always encouraging to see businesses and organizations investing in sustainable technology. If you’re interested in upgrading to an energy-efficient residence, contact a home inspection contractor. They’ll perform an energy audit and help you determine where to get started.