Experts recommend a home inspection when purchasing a new property

Realty professionals all recommend that buyers make a checklist of things to inspect before making an offer on the house. However, unless you are a licensed home inspection contractor, you may still overlook some vital deficiencies in the quality of the house.

Benny Kass writes the Housing Counsel column for the Chicago Tribune, and recommends that buyers hire a professional to perform several vital inspections before moving into a new residence.

Mold testing is one procedure that Kass says must be conducted. This is especially true if the property is near a waterway, as it may be scenic, but it also might cause unwanted moisture to develop in the attics and basements of the house.

As well, home inspectors will know to look for potential structural deficiencies that won't be obvious to the untrained eye. This includes potential roofing issues, which are common in older houses, especially in climates that experience harsh winters.

A home may also have issues with energy efficiency, and the utility bills in the future might themselves be a heavy investment that buyers may not be willing to undertake. An energy audit will help give buyers a solid estimate on how environmentally friendly the home is, what they will be paying monthly for utilities on the property as well as how much potential renovations will cost the buyer.

This advice is especially important this year, as strange weather patterns across the nation have taken a toll on older homes.