Experts predict North Atlantic Hurricane Season about to peak

While the Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic have all but deemed the worst of Hurricane Season over, the North Atlantic – particularly the East Coast – is gearing up for what could be one of the more tumultuous autumns on record. Typically, from early July until the end of November – and peaking in early October – the Atlantic Seaboard gets battered by a continuous stream of tropical depressions that come up from the warm waters of the Caribbean and clash with the colder temps that have settled over the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. As a result, homeowners on the waterfront have to hunker down and prepare their houses for an onslaught of rough weather that could leave properties severely damaged as a result. 

Although residents are well aware that damaging winds and wet weather can take a rough toll on the exteriors of their homes, there are hidden dangers indoors that come about as a result of moisture that could not only leave them facing thousands of dollars in property damage, but also contending with potential health issues.

When temperatures are cold, many homeowners will lay on extra insulation to their houses that, in many cases, will sacrifice proper ventilation in a given space. As a result, when moisture from outside enters the home, it will have a hard time escaping. When this happens, it is the perfect recipe for mold and mildew, which can produce spores that enter a residents' respiratory system and make breathing troublesome.

Before you start preparing your home for the upcoming fall hurricane season, make sure that you have a Virginia or Maryland home mold inspection visit your property to tell you where you face the biggest threats of toxic mold and what you can do to alleviate it should there already be a presence in your home.