Energy efficiency provides competitive advantage

As substantial as energy savings can be for property owners who embrace home energy efficiency, business owners could realize even more savings to their bottom line if they are willing to use commercial inspections to do so.

An increasingly global marketplace has made competition among businesses even more fervent. Every dollar counts, especially given worldwide economic turmoil that has enveloped nearly all industries. Businesses that do not work toward energy efficiency could be wasting their valuable resources.

According to Pike Research, the energy management industry is expected to grow by 21.6 percent each year – from $960 million in 2011 to $5.6 billion in 2020. Businesses will have near endless opportunities to slash their energy bills, whether by installing energy-efficient heating and insulation, using LED and CFL bulbs or replacing utilities.

"New technologies are allowing greater insight into energy procurement and use, as well as the management of energy as an input to the industrial process," Pike Research vice president Bob Gohn said in a press release. "At the same time, a variety of assistance programs, plus new standards and certifications, are helping to drive energy performance initiatives into the organizational cultures of companies wishing to gain efficiencies in their industrial processes."

Companies that embrace energy efficiency may also see improved sales from segments of the population that specifically buy products and services from organizations that favor green practices.

To unlock these savings, business owners should contact a Washington, D.C. home inspector who is also familiar with commercial inspection practices. A simple energy audit can explain to a business owner the areas of a business that could be improved, while the actual work completed will be affordable.