Energy efficiency creates a massive return on investment for the Southeast

As the Obama administration likes to note in public statements, there are many benefits to improving energy efficiency standards in the United States. By working to reduce the country's overall power consumption, Americans can create new green jobs, lower electricity payments for consumers and lessen negative impacts on the environment. Over the past few years, the federal government has invested millions of dollars into energy efficient projects, with the reported return on these investments bigger than originally anticipated in one area of the country.

According to a recent report from the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA), energy efficiency retrofits were completed in 16 cities across eight Southeastern states – including Florida, Georgia and Virginia – from 2010 to 2013. During this time period, just over $20 million was invested to get these projects funded and off the ground. They have since returned a massive 387 percent on those initial investments, with these states bringing in $78.3 million for the federal government.

SEEA says that the retrofit effort undertaken in this part of the country created $4 million in economic output from residents, while also providing 17 jobs for every $1 million that was invested. This has helped lift the local economies of these eight states during a time of unemployment and spending issues.

While these states are seeing massive savings as a result of their energy efficiency improvements, it is possible to replicate these developments on a smaller scale in your own home. Alban Inspections – a leading home inspection company – recommends that all homeowners, particularly those in Fairfax county, Virginia, use CFL bulbs to light their houses, as a way to cut down on electricity consumption and monthly utility payments.