Energy audit solves 20 year mystery

A quality energy audit comes with several invaluable benefits. Not only will a customer walk away with a wealth of knowledge about what minor and inexpensive changes can be made in order to save hundreds of dollars on energy costs, but larger innovations including suggested renewable energy installations like solar panels can lead to saving thousands of dollars. 

Often, the primary feature of an effective energy audit includes the "blower door test" where all of the windows of a house are closed before a large calibrated fan is activated to draw air out of the home. The guages on the fan determine how much of the air is being released through cracks around windows, spots in the foundation and other trouble spots.

A focus on trouble spots is also a key element of an energy audit. Typically, a non-invasive investigation of inefficient appliances and poorly insulated areas around the house usually occurs. But sometimes even more interesting items are discovered. 

Last month, a pair of energy auditors conducted a review of a home in Plainview, New York, for Seymour Bosworth with the aim of lowering his energy usage by 25 percent. Bosworth, a 92-year-old World War II Veteran, received the audit via his participation in a program dedicated to helping families, veterans and senior citizens with housing issues. While inspecting the attic, the energy auditors discovered a bag of World War 2 memorabilia. 

Bosworth, who had traveled extensively throughout Europe during the war thought the bag had been stolen two decades ago by a bug exterminator. Instead, the energy auditors discovered the bag in perfect condition, with all of its mementos present, tucked under the attics insulation. Furthermore, Bosworth also learned how to save money on his energy bill. 

Perhaps we won't find a bag full of valuables, but if you live in the Virginia or Washington, D.C., area and are interested in learning how to improve your home's energy consumption, contact industry-leader Alban Inspections today for an audit.