Empire State Building goes green with new display of LED light bulbs

As people across the country continue to embrace environmentally friendly lifestyles, it's no wonder that "The City That Never Sleeps" is making efforts to promote energy-efficiency throughout its lively, densely-populated streets.

On Monday night, R&B singer Alicia Keys belted out her hit song, "Empire State of Mind," in celebration of New York City's Empire State Building showing off its brand new set of dazzling LED light bulbs.

According to The Associated Press, the LED system, which boasts 16.7 million color possibilities, is part of an ongoing effort to modernize the famous skyscraper and make significant cuts to city-wide energy consumption. At 81-years-old, the Empire State Building is an essential part of the New York City skyline, representing, as Keys said when she addressed the crowd, a "symbol of what's possible in New York, and all the dreams that can come true."

"There were hundreds of thousands of people on the streets looking up, filming and videoing, clustered on street corners [when the lights came on]," Anthony Malkin, whose company owns the Empire State Building, told The Associated Press. "[It's] a gift we gave to the world, these lights. We don't get paid for this."

This brilliant display of LED light bulbs is a huge deal, not only for New York City, but for the rest of the individuals and businesses throughout the country making efforts to go green. For those of you interested in energy-efficient homes and CFL and LED bulbs, there are professionals who can help you transition to a more earth-friendly lifestyle. If you live in Maryland, Washington D.C. or Virginia, call Alban Inspections and we'll help you get started.