Ed Begley Jr. to speak at Mother Earth News Fair on June 1

Hollywood veteran Ed Begley Jr. has long been an advocate for environmentally friendly living, opting to ride his bike or drive his electric car in favor of riding in limos or taking a personal jet. He once made headlines when he rode his bicycle to the Oscars, and has been on many talk shows to promote the green lifestyle. Now, the prolific actor and star of almost 300 films and television shows will be speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair in Pollyallup, Washington, on June 1-2.

This event is an annual gathering of readers and writers who have subscribed to Mother Earth News Magazine – a publication that has been in print for more than 40 years – and share the passion of energy efficiency. Topics the star will be covering include methods for green living that people of all income brackets can look into adopting as well as the benefits of solar energy.

In an interview with Washington news source The News Tribune, Begley explained that it's easy to be more energy efficient without having to break the bank.

"Don't buy the expensive LED. Get the compact fluorescent which are a little more. By month two you've paid for the light bulb and then some. If you want, go for long-term payback — long-term being six to nine months — then get the LED. Maybe you can't afford to buy solar like that wacky Begley does and get into debt. I don't want anybody to do that. But get that light bulb, get that energy-saving thermostat, get that weather stripping," Begley told the source.

To learn more about ways you can lower your impact on the environment, have a licensed contractor conduct a home inspection today.