Don’t be fooled by lackluster hurricane season

While it seems that hurricane season may pass those of us in the Mid-Atlantic without a major storm, that doesn't mean that homeowners are totally in the clear when it comes to the more subtle damages associated with wet fall weather. Specifically, mold buildups are common occurrences in residences and businesses during this time of year, and significant outbreaks can come about completely unbeknownst to occupants.

This can be hazardous not only to the structure of your home or place of work, but also to your health. Continued exposure to mold spores is known for causing serious respiratory ailments that can be painful not only for individuals with asthma or allergies, but even people who have never had breathing problems in the past. Should babies or young children be exposed to mold spores for a prolonged period, they potentially run the risk of developing long-term respiratory illnesses that will require years of medical attention.

Mold is most commonly found in areas that don't receive proper ventilation, such as the attic, basement or small crawl spaces. Just because these outbreaks may not be evident in more commonly occupied areas of a structure doesn't mean the spores can't travel and harm individuals in other parts of the house.

If you or members of your family or business have been plagued by undiagnosed breathing issues, there could be an unseen mold outbreak somewhere in your building. Have an expert home inspection contractor visit your residence today should this be the case in order to help you identify a potential health hazard.