Do green workspaces boost employee productivity?

The advantages of using commercial inspections to make business properties more energy efficient may be more numerous than industry observed had previously believed.

Not only can green buildings enhance a company's business – some segments of the population may seek out organizations that favor green practices – but employers may see improved worker outcomes if they embrace energy efficiency in commercial spaces.

"Green building is good business. Green building certifications attract tenants, employees, even students and help to keep them," Rick Fedrizzi, president and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, said during a keynote address an industry conference in Las Vegas.

Fedrizzi and other panelists said that if employees are more content, they are likely to be more productive. Conversely, if workers come to work every day and are subjected to a drab work environment, they are unlikely to be truly productive.

Studies have shown that the aspect of the working environment that individuals care most about is the temperature of the space. For this reason, some businesses may want to use smart thermostats that moderate the temperature of rooms in accordance with known preferences of its users. These devices can control energy use and keep employees happy.

Panelists from the Las Vegas convention also suggested that building managers or owners bring aspects of nature into their workspaces, such as plans, large and energy-efficient windows to allow natural light into a room and wooden doors.

To determine other ways to use green energy practices to keep employees engaged, business owners may consultant with a Washington, D.C. home inspector with experience conducting an energy audit for a commercial property owner. Wholesale alterations may not even be necessary, which could allow property owners to easily cut costs.