Department of Energy strengthens efficiency standards for commercial refrigerators

At the end of February, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that, in keeping with President Obama's announced Climate Action Plan, they will be improving the energy efficiency standards for all commercial refrigerators. This is a project that will span the next three decades, with the regulations being projected by experts to reduce the country's carbon pollution by 142 million metric tons. The new standards will save also businesses an estimated $11.7 billion in energy expenses in the future.

New energy standards were set for commercial refrigerators – the kind used in restaurants and storage facilities – back in 2009, but the DOE has since determined that they needed an update. These regulations will improve the energy efficiency of refrigerators by 30 percent. The average commercial refrigerator consumes up to 17,000 kilowatts of power per year, energy that can be greatly reduced over time. By cutting down on the carbon pollution the country produces, U.S. companies will become more competitive, according to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

"In our supermarkets and grocery stores, refrigeration can use almost 40 percent of total energy use – contributing a large portion of these businesses' utility bills. By improving the energy efficiency of commercial refrigeration equipment – like restaurant-size fridges or the deli case at your local grocery store – we can make our businesses more competitive, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money," Secretary Moniz said in a press release.

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