Cutting through the confusion on home energy efficiency

As the summer begins, and green causes continue to grow in the public consciousness, more people have become invested in the idea of energy efficiency at home. While the reasons can range from financial to environmental, the bottom line is that home energy efficiency is becoming a popular trend among tenants. But with that enthusiasm can come confusion, specifically on just how to get started.

There are a lot of different approaches to reducing energy consumption, with some of these more myths than proven methods, and that can be overwhelming for the average homeowner. To help educate people on the do's and don'ts of the matter, the New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund will be hosting a series of talks on home energy efficiency, a relevant topic to homeowners in Maryland as well as New York.

The event, titled "Building Blocks for Energy-Efficient Homes," will center on how homeowners can learn about the costs involved with changing the energy landscape of your home. The talks will consist of two panels. The first, "Greening Your Home to Maximize Its Value," will be a discussion led by real estate agents, interior designers, architects and other industry professionals sharing their information on the latest in environmentally friendly designs.

The second panel, "How Do You Get Started?," will help to shed light on current incentive programs that residents can take advantage of in paying for improvements to their home that will reduce energy use, as well as future similar programs that are still under consideration. This talk will be hosted by a handful of energy specialists as well as representatives from green power companies like Energize, NY and Pace NOW.

You can get more information about insulation, reducing consumption and other ways to maintain energy efficiency with help from a home inspection contractor.