Creating a more energy-efficient home

Spring is the perfect time of year to make any needed energy-efficient upgrades to your home. Most areas of the country are now between the extreme weather patterns that accompany winter and summer, looking to spend more time outside and tackle any waiting home improvement projects. To find any problem areas around the house where you are unnecessarily wasting money, consider utilizing an energy audit from Alban Inspections to help you identify where changes need to be made.

Here are a few tips for reducing the overall energy consumption of your home:

  • Buy new appliances: If the machines in your house are several years old, they will be eating up more energy than necessary. Major brands are always improving and upgrading their products, particularly when it comes to energy-efficiency. Begin spring by looking up new eco-friendly appliances to invest in.
  • Landscape: Improving the exterior of your yard can help improve your home's energy-efficiency. Tall plants and trees around the house can provide shade when they come into a full bloom throughout the season. In the winter, the bare branches will allow the sun to shine into your home for additional warmth.
  • Seal everything: If your windows are 10- to 15-years-old, chances are there are leaks around them that are letting air out of your home. Any gaps and cracks that you find in the walls of your home – especially in the attic or basement – need to be sealed up. This will prevent you from letting cool air outside during the summer.

If you live in the Arlington, Virginia area, schedule an appointment with Alban Inspections for a Virginia home inspector to come in and show you where your home's energy efficiency can be improved.