Construction industry expects more green home remodeling

Future energy-efficient homes are certain to boast green energy features that most homeowners today can only dream of. Currently, homeowners are restrained by cost concerns or logistical problems when it comes to buying a new home, so they may need to rely on remodeling their current homes to save energy costs.

Construction companies seem to be following the lead of consumers when it comes to the green energy services they may provide. While some construction professionals currently engage in remodeling that helps promote home energy efficiency, the number of services that do so in the coming years is expected to surge.

A study by McGraw Hill Construction anticipates that the market for green homes will increase substantially from $17 billion to up to $114 billion by 2016. By that year, about one-third of remodelers anticipate that the majority of their services will be related to green energy improvements to existing homes. Energy efficiency in homes is also being promoted by the U.S. government, so growth is certain to be fueled.

"This study demonstrates phenomenal growth in green building and indicates that we can expect even larger increases in the coming years," National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) chairman Barry Rutenberg said. "In a sample of NAHB…members, nearly 90 percent reported building green at some level. This is a powerful testament to the importance of green home building – and transforms the way we think of homes overall."

A Washington, D.C. home inspector can be sought to conduct an energy audit to help consumers understand areas they can enhance with the help of a remodeling service. This professional can advise whether new heating and insulation need to installed, since these areas can be the most profitable for homeowners.