Connecticut towns praised for their commitment to energy efficiency

Last week, over 20 towns in the state of Connecticut were recognized for their energy efficiency efforts. There is work being down all over the state, including the capital of Hartford, to reduce Connecticut's energy consumption across the board.

There is intense focus on bringing down the amount of power used by municipal and commercial spaces, because those areas are what consume the most energy. The cities that have been commended for their efforts have earned money through the Clean Energy Communities program, an initiative that offers financial incentives to small towns for going green.

The grant amounts can range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, with the size awarded depending on the scale of the project, in addition to how well a community is doing with cutting down on its power usage. The money that is given out through the Clean Energy Communities program is known as the "Big Idea Grant."

The energy initiative, which is part of the bigger Energize Connecticut program, has already involved 92 towns and cities across Connecticut. The individual pledges that are signed by each city outline their plans to reduce energy consumption, with the goal being a 20 percent cut across the state by the year 2018. How the money from these grants is spent is voted on by the entire community.

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