Clean energy provides 80,000 jobs in 2013

Although finding a new job remains a struggle for millions of unemployed Americans across the country, there is one industry in particular that has seen a steady rise in the number of opportunities it provides. According to a new report, the clean energy field created almost 80,000 jobs in 2013 alone.

The report, the second annual "Clean Energy Works For Us" study from the organization Environmental Entrepreneurs, said that solar power, energy efficiency and public transportation were the biggest areas where new clean jobs were created. Though the 80,000 new positions that were started is impressive, energy advocates warn that efficiency legislation and restrictions from federal and state governments could eventually harm this growing industry, having a major negative impact on the economy.

"Ongoing regulatory uncertainty takes a serious toll," said Geoff Chapin, CEO of energy efficiency company Next Step Living. "Elected officials shouldn't be holding back economic growth – they should be encouraging it."

Solar energy is far and away the most successful green job creator right now. Last year, solar energy companies installed nearly 5,000 new megawatts of power capacity, which could provide 29 percent of all new electricity in the United States. A vast majority of states increased the number of solar power employees to raise overall employment in this area by nearly 20 percent. This is a thriving industry, as photovoltaic panels can provide power and electricity to both commercial spaces and residential homes.

Solar power – along with the other types of clean power – are the way of the future, for both employment and how we meet our energy demands. If you live in Maryland, you can help increase the energy efficiency of your home by having an energy audit conducted by a home inspector from Alban Inspections. Schedule an appointment with us today!