City Manager in Sharon, Pennsylvania, pushes for LED bulbs in downtown area

Recently in this blog, we’ve reported on a variety of nationwide efforts businesses and organizations have been making to upgrade to LED bulbs. From the University of Vermont replacing 1,300 outdoor lamps with this energy-efficient alternative to the Empire State Building in New York City going green with its brand new LED system, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Most recently, officials in Sharon, Pennsylvania, are hoping to make the switch in the city’s made-over downtown area.

The Streetscape Project, reports local news source The Herald, is the result of an $800,000 grant secured in 2004, and the goal of it is to implement new curbing, lights and sidewalks in Sharon. City Manager Scott Andrejchak said that he hopes to obtain $300,000 more from the state so that the project can be completed with LED lights. According to Andrejchak, installing LED bulbs will help the city save money on maintenance and electricity costs. In addition to that, the lights would shine even brighter than the ones they had originally chosen.

Although the option suggested by Andrejchak will cost more money up front, it will last much longer and ultimately be more cost-effective, but the City Manager said it’s important to him that everyone is on board and sees that it is a good decision.

“I think it’s important because the project is so important to the city, to the businesses,” Andrejchak said. “We have a chance to make a good project better.”

Andrejchak will pitch the idea at a public meeting on January 28.

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