California state government issues tips on summertime energy efficiency

With summer just around the corner, homeowners residing in the Mid-Atlantic states can anticipate significantly higher electric bills this season as they amp up their air conditioners in an attempt to stay cool while indoors. However, there are ways to escape the heat this summer without consuming too much power.

The state of California – an area that experiences its fair share of extreme summer weather – has issued a set of tips for homeowners to follow this year that will help them keep utility costs in check when the temperatures rise. 

Some of these tips include:

Closing your drapes and shades – Windows are the site of some of the most heat gain a home can experience. It may not seem like much, but by keeping your window treatments drawn throughout the day, you'll be able to keep the thermal energy out that makes those hot summer days so unbearable.

Improving your insulation – Make sure your windows are sealed tight using tape and extra caulking to guarantee that the cold air you have doesn't escape.

Minimizing hot water consumption – When you wash your clothes, opt for a cold cycle instead of the standard hot water wash. This will reduce the pressure you put on your water heater and knock down your washer's power consumption by an estimated 63 percent on average.

If you schedule a home inspection before the summer, a contractor can identify where your home's biggest energy-wasters are located and what you can do to make your property more efficient.