California Assemblyman seeks to tighten state’s energy efficiency regulations

California Assemblyman Das Williams (D) has introduced a new bill into the California State Assembly that seeks to tighten regulation for energy efficient building measures. The bill, known as AB 1918, would improve ways for companies to comply with the existing Title 24, which created energy efficient standards for windows, lighting, insulation and HVAC systems in the state of California. AB 1918 seeks to reduce the overall energy consumption of individuals and California as a whole.

"Energy efficiency is a top priority in California. We are recognized as leaders in the nation, and we must continue to uphold that reputation by staying proactive and enforcing the laws we have," Williams said in a public statement.

Williams went on to talk about how the region he represents in the state government, Santa Barbara, has a great compliance rate with energy standards, but other parts of California have to follow the example they are setting. The standards will only be effective if they are enforced adequately. Environmental groups in the state have praised the work Williams is trying to do, believing that the country is at a crucial point in our pursuit of energy independence and actions must be taken to protect the environment.

The measure is not only good for the environment, but it makes economic sense. As Victoria Rome, the California legislative director for the Natural Resources Defense Council told local reporters, Williams' bill will result in energy savings for all consumers, reducing what they have to pay to keep their homes warm or cool throughout the year.

Whether or not you live in California, it is a good idea to improve the energy efficiency of your own home. Alban Inspections recommends the usage of LED bulbs instead of the traditional incandescent models.