Buyers not always considering energy efficiency when purchasing homes

When it comes to energy-efficient homes, an overwhelming majority of residents who live in these properties are thrilled with the lower energy bills that result from using CFL bulbs and other green products. Still, this satisfaction has not translated to homebuyers actively seeking out these tenets of energy efficiency when they look to purchase a new home.

The NHBC Foundation has found that most homeowners, instead of reinvesting money saved through energy-efficient products into additional green enhancements, prefer to use those savings to go on a family vacation or purchase some other product that would not directly improve home energy use.

The survey also suggests that homeowners are not being properly educated as to the full benefits of embracing energy efficiency. Even though 96 percent of respondents claimed they cared about the cost of their energy use, many were unclear as to how exactly they can go about achieving energy efficiency.

"The research suggests that parts of the new home supply chain could be making the topic of energy efficiency too complicated, from the range of terminologies used, to the technologies themselves," NHBC Foundation director Neil Jefferson told to GreenWise.

The NHBC suggests in its findings that homebuilders must be more proactive in promoting green qualities of energy-efficient homes. Homeowners need to be educated as to what specific improvements can best help them to slash their energy bills significantly.

Homeowners can also receive this information from a qualified home inspection service in the Tri-State area. This Washington, D.C. home inspection service can be hired to conduct an energy audit in order to reveal potential savings areas for heads-of-household. This professional can also suggest potential remedies for energy waste and set a homeowner on a path toward smarter energy use.