Boosting energy efficiency starts with customer education

Why should your customers make a switch to energy efficient technology in their home or business? Obtaining new customers or interest in efficient utilities begins with customer engagement. 

According to Greentech Media, only two percent of utility providers believe they have great customer outreach programs. Another recent survey by Utility Drive for NTC Corporate concluded that many of the 144 companies polled were unsure of how to develop new, more effective programs to educate their customers on the benefits of environmentally-friendly utilities. 

Seventy-six percent of those polled by NTC stated that consumer education is a higher priority than it was even 10 years ago. This could signify an end to a monopoly-like system, in favor of a more open market made up of knowledgeable customers. 

The most important customer education programs in the eyes of utility companies include:

  • Energy efficiency (50 percent)
  • Demand response (20 percent)
  • Renewable energy (18 percent)
  • Energy distribution (12 percent)

Using efficient energy can:

  • Decrease the amount of pollution, chemicals and other waste that can harm the environment.
  • Improve overall economical growth by avoiding high energy costs.
  • Lower cost of utility bills.
  • Spur job growth and other workplace infrastructure changes.

Customers will not change the amount of energy they consume if they don't realize they can, or know where to start. Incentives such as government tax breaks are helpful, but utilities could also implement their own bonuses for switching to an energy conserving mode. Public seminars, email blasts and stories of real people making a change could also jumpstart the movement.

If you are interested in learning where your business or home falls on the energy efficient spectrum, consult Alban Inspections for an assessment. An energy audit or better home heating and insulation could be an investment in future efficiency and monetary savings.