Baltimore non-profit seeks to provide low-income homes energy efficient alternatives

Baltimore area residents looking to embrace energy efficiency are getting a helping hand from a local non-profit. The first 230 eligible households who apply to Project Lightbulb, an initiative targeted at creating energy efficient homes for low-income Maryland residents, will receive a free environmental overhaul according to The Baltimore Sun.

Organized by Civic Works, a Baltimore-based non-profit, the program received a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration to fund the home makeovers.

The newspaper reports that the project would provide eligible households with 15 CFL lightbulbs, energy efficient insulation and other cost-saving features installed by AmeriCorps members and local volunteers between the ages of 17 and 24.

"Nowadays, it's a joint goal of saving people money, increasing energy awareness and reducing energy consumption," program supervisor at Civic Works, Joshua Shodeinde, told The Sun.

The total costs per household for the new equipment will be approximately $275 according to the Project Lightbulb website. Program leaders predict recipients will see definite annual savings of around $90 on their future energy bills with the new CFL lightbulbs alone

The news source reports that the project is targeted toward low-income residents throughout the Baltimore area, specifically in the Arbutus and Landsdowne neighborhoods. According to the Project Lightbulb website, the program does intend to add eligible neighborhoods incrementally as the program ramps up.

Project Lightbulb is funded to help only 230 qualifying households, but that doesn't mean affordable energy-saving options aren't available for those who miss out. A home inspection contractor can help homeowners determine small fixes that save money in the long run on energy bills. Small steps like replacing halogen bulbs with CFL bulbs help eliminate everyday waste, however an energy audit could help a homeowner determine figure out even more energy efficient solutions.