As homeowners go green, more choosing CFL bulbs over LEDs

A recent report from Consumer Reports has shown that as many homeowners make the switch from inefficient incandescent lighting to more environmentally friendly options, the majority of them have chosen CFL bulbs.

The survey found that roughly 90 percent of Americans have abandoned using traditional bulbs over the past decade, reducing electric bills nationwide. However, despite the magazine's recommendation that homeowners choose LED bulbs, cheaper, CFL options take up 75 percent of the market.

On average, LED and CFL bulbs both last significantly longer than traditional incandescence, though LEDs only use roughly three quarters of the energy that CFL options use. However, even the cheapest LED bulbs cost almost double that of the most popular CFL bulbs.

Of those surveyed, 20 percent cited cost as the main factor behind their choice to forgo investing in CFL bulbs, despite the long term savings they would see if they switched to LED lighting. However, this may not be the case for much longer.

Since last year, Consumer Reports has noted that the average price for an LED bulb has shrank markedly since they first entered the market. Currently, the average LED sells for between $25 and $60, compared to equivalent CFLs which go for between $1.25 and $18. However, the price for LEDs is 20 percent lower than they were in 2011, with analysts anticipating at least another $10 decrease over the next two years.

Either lighting option will be effective in helping homeowners increase their energy efficiency in the long run and lower their monthly utility bills. If you are looking to do even more to reduce your houses electricity consumption, an energy audit from a home inspection contractor can show you where to start.