Alabama parents concerned about presence of mold and asbestos in Montevallo Elementary School

Parents of more than 70 students from Montevallo Elementary School in Alabama take mold and asbestos seriously, and have pulled their children from attending class until they feel the buildings is safer, reports local news source

On Monday, a group of about 30 parents and their children came together to give letters to Principal Annie McClain saying that they won't let their children inside the building until mold and asbestos are no longer a concern, and asking if there are any alternative options.

Some of the parents told the source that the principal has given them permission to keep their children out of school, and that the district has plans to get them their school work while also trying to determine if there is another place they can go in the meantime.

District superintendent Randy Fuller insisted in a letter to the parents that the school is safe, and that there are very few areas of concern in the building. Nevertheless, he announced plans to have the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conduct asbestos and mold testing this week.

According to the source, many parents have said that they don't think the school district has been as communicative and responsive to their concerns as they would like it to be.

"I'm choosing between [the children's] health and education, and that's a horrible place for a parent to be in," said Montevallo parent-teacher organization member Jennifer Macomb. "We're here, we're ready to learn, but they have to be safe."

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