6 benefits of green roofs

A green or living roof is a roof on which a garden has been planted using various green technologies to make the plants able to self-sustain and provide benefits for the inhabitants of the home and the public. Here are just a few of the good things green roofs can bring to individuals and communities:

  • Feeds the family: Clippings from a green roof make perfect food for small herbivores like guinea pigs and rabbits. In some cases, homeowners can even grow herbs and vegetables on their roof.
  • Fire-resistant: It may come as a surprise, but covering your roof in vegetation actually helps stop the spread of fires because the soil and plants themselves are more damp than ordinary roofing material.
  • Helps the roof last longer: Most roofing materials dry out and begin to crack within a few years because of their constant exposure to sunlight. Roof gardens protect the surface from the sun and help it to withstand the changing seasons.
  • Increases property value: These days, green home features are all the rage, bringing in a premium on the market compared to homes without such modifications. A green roof is a good investment even if you're planning to sell your home soon.
  • Keeps the home cool: In summer, a green roof absorbs the sun's rays and shades the roof itself, reducing the amount of heat that is absorbed and transferred into the house and helping the homeowner save on air conditioning.
  • Reduces rainwater runoff: Plants need water, so if you install a green roof, about 80 percent of the rainwater that hits your roof will be absorbed immediately by the plants. This helps prevent flooding and excessive runoff collecting in gutters.

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