5 rental tips realtors need to know

Summer brings a range of outside events and beach trips with sunny days and clear skies. It also signifies the revival of summer rental season. 

As many companies offer an increasing number of vacation days, even some going as far as unlimited time off, many families are investing in rental properties.

Rental properties can be a great escape from the montage of everyday life. Leave morning commutes, daily meetings and after-hours work behind with a rental beach-side or deep in the forest.

As a realtor, ensure you can offer the best rental sites to your renters. Keep these five tips in mind during your next search:

  • Ask questions: What exactly does the rental include? Are all the utilities in working order? Are pets allowed? This information should be readily accessible for your renter.
  • Compare prices: Prices vary based on location, added amenities and size. Be sure that renters know exactly what they want, as they are choosing the property.  The property / The features should always meet, if not exceed expectations.
  • Encourage renters to reserve early: The earlier a renter reserves a place to spend the week, the lower the price may be. Some hotspots are always expensive, but deals can be found if they are searched for beforehand.
  • Know everything before you sign the dotted line: Renters should understand all terms and conditions before agreeing to a price and place.
  • Look at a property before showing it to a client: Online pictures can be deceiving, and there are scams out there. Check out a rental before you bring your clients to ensure it matches its online presence and what the renters want.

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