5 realtor tips for spring open houses

With the dreary winter months seemingly in the past and spring right around the corner, the amount of homes you show could increase overnight. Are you ready for the influx? Implement these five tips into your next home showing to make the sell.

  • Check out the house online… and in person: Canvas the area where you're selling before bringing in your first buyer. Chances are you won't get a full curb appeal feel if you don't see it in person. Houses sell more quickly in the spring, so jump on a house before it's gone.
  • Ensure the home makes a good first impression: First impressions are usually made within the first 60 seconds of viewing a home. There isn't much wiggle room for mistakes. Take a walk through the home the day before an open house and eliminate any glaring issues.
  • Know the current market: Don't overprice or under-price the home. Research what it's worth, what houses nearby have sold for and what the sellers prefer. 
  • Make the home comfortable: Keep the heat at a reasonable level, air out every room and ensure it's clean. In addition, use the spring season as a great excuse for seller spring cleaning. Potential buyers can't envision themselves in your home, if your clutter is all that can be seen. Remove the family pictures, knick knacks and full closets into storage for a better sale advantage. 
  • Price the house correctly: A house that has sat on the market for too long is bad for sellers and your business. Price the house fairly and accurately the first time to avoid future headaches or price changes.

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