4 ways to sell your home faster

Understanding when and how to best list your home for sale relies on a range of different factors including the season, selling price and features of the property. Although interest rates are low as of now and demand for property is high, some sellers just aren't sure how long the current market will last.

With the weather returning to its spring-esque temperatures and sunny skies, now could be the best time to make a move toward entering the home market. Sell your home quicker with the following four tips in mind:

  • Create a staged, but natural appearance: Staging your home to showcase its best features is important, as it helps buyers see how their time will be spent there. Staging has been proven to sell more homes than just opening a home for show with no preparation.
  • Determine exactly why you want to leave: Pinpoint what features of the home no longer work for your family, and spin the issues into positives for potential buyers. In doing so, a more personalized view of the home can be created.
  • Invest in energy efficiency: Completing an energy audit in the home can add to buyer appeal, enhancing features and saving money in the future. By pointing out efficient practices in the home, buyers are more likely to want to learn more.
  • Think about timing: According to Yahoo Finance, home sales reach their peak in late June, but listing by mid-March is best. Homes sold between March and mid-April sell 15 percent faster, and for 2 percent more than their listing price. Timing can also enhance the sale in terms of weather, especially when it comes to the outdoor appearance of the home.

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