4 tools everyone needs in their toolbox

You don't need to be a home improvement expert to see the value in keeping a toolbox around the house. Many household repairs are relatively simple and can be fixed in a few easy steps if you have the right tool for the job. However, tools can be expensive, so it's best to keep your basic toolbox to a minimum size at first. Here are a few tools that you just can't do without:

  • A hammer. At some point, you're going to have to drive a nail into something. Whether you need to hang shelves or push protruding nails back into floorboards, a hammer is an indispensable tool. You'll want to choose a claw head hammer, which has handy prongs for prying old nails out on the other side of the head. 
  • Both kinds of screwdrivers. The major types of screwdriver are Phillips and flathead, and you will probably want to keep both around the house unless you want to be frustrated when you need the kind you don't have. Keeping multiple sizes of each screwdriver is a good way to keep your options open for a variety of tasks that may have different tool requirements.
  • A tape measure. There is almost no other domain in which exact measurements are as important as they are in DIY home projects. Get yourself a good tape measure for vertical measuring. The thicker the better, as it won't flop over as much when the material is thicker.
  • A crescent wrench. For anything involving nuts and bolts, you'll want to have an adjustable crescent wrench around. The head can be widened or narrowed to grip any width of nut or bolt.

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