4 spring energy efficient tips you need to know

Spring is finally here, and though it may not seem like it yet, warmer weather will be along soon as well. The new season brings blooming flowers, more animal sightings and sunny skies, but it also brings obviously hotter temperatures.

Keep the heat out of your home and away from your electricity bill with the following four tips:

  • Change the airflow direction on your ceiling fan: Using a ceiling fan in a room correctly can reduce the tangible heat. In the spring and summer months, switch the fan direction upward so cool air reaches toward the floor instead of warmer air.
  • Don't heat your home with appliances: On warmer days don't cook with an oven, instead use a microwave or grill outside. In addition, reduce hot water use with short showers. Use energy-efficient appliances that give off smaller amounts of heat as well.
  • Operate an efficient cooling system: Schedule routine maintenance for your home system in addition to using efficient air cooling devices. Avoid placing lamps or other devices near your thermostat as this can throw off the temperature reading and cause the cooling system to run longer than necessary. 
  • Use your windows to your advantage: Understand the climate you live in and how utilizing your windows can lower your bills and carbon footprint. Invest in natural ventilation systems as well as window treatments or covers that keep sunlight and other heat sources out.

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