4 realtor safety tips you need to know

A recent rash of crimes targeting realty agents has many on edge in terms of their own wellbeing.

California and Florida are just two of the many states across the region reporting an uptick in robberies and assaults against home sellers. In both attacks, a dangerous weapon was used to subdue the victim. 

Many law enforcement agencies, as well as realtor companies are calling for a stance against this violence. They are also encouraging their employees to remain vigilant during showings.

Keep these four tips in mind for optimal safety:

  • Check in with the client and a friend: Let a friend or coworker know where you are at all times. Keep a running list of realtors and their locations in the office to keep track of employees as well. If someone doesn't return or answer a call, know that you can find them with ease. 
  • Don't get blocked in: Don't let open house attendees block your car in a driveway or on a street. Ensure that you're able to make a quick getaway if need be.
  • Maintain some personal privacy: Even though a realtor must maintain a public presence, not every detail of your life has to be out there. Be sure to keep some information private such as your own home location, vacation plans or where your kids go to school.
  • Scan the house beforehand: Before an open house begins, scan it from the outside and from the inside (safely). If there is any questionable activity or people, leave the location or call for help. Sometimes just a feeling is enough to determine a dangerous situation.

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