4 predictions for energy efficiency in 2015

According to industry experts, 2015 could be a huge year for energy efficiency. Renewable energy is booming across the country, and energy efficient devices controlled by the consumer are becoming commonplace. With continued improvement in this area, 2015 could be the year than energy efficiency replaces outdated energy-inefficient models in mainstream America. Check out these four expert predictions for the coming year:

  • Conservative challenges to energy regulations will fail. Conservative groups will continue trying to pass legislation to repeal clean energy standards, but this year, the sheer profitability of the clean energy industry will lead states to reject these old-fashioned appeals to an antiquated sense of best business practices. 
  • Customers will have more control of utilities. With the rise of the "smart house" and increased consumer interest in green technologies, many utility companies will be introducing programs that will allow their customers to monitor and customize the services they're receiving.
  • States will experience a high return on energy efficiency investments. Many states made large investments in energy efficiency programs a few years ago, and in 2015 they will finally start to reap the financial benefits. For example, the $253 million spent on energy efficiency in Michigan in 2013 is expected to lead to savings of over $948 million in the next few years.
  • The solar industry will boom. Solar's share of the U.S. energy market has been rising exponentially for the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down. Experts predict that this year will bring an end to some of the contentious issues that have been causing divisions in the solar industry and lead to more collaborations among industry leaders.

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