4 more spring energy efficiency tips

Home energy efficiency begins with you. It begins with the information you know and the changes you make in lifestyle and home improvements to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Each room in your home has a unique set of energy qualities. Ensure your house is as energy efficient as possible with the following four tips:

  • Bring on the sunshine: During daylight hours, capitalize on natural light and warmth. Open shades and allow the sun to light your home instead of lights. Consider installing skylights for even more light.
  • Check your air conditioner now: Routinely replacing or cleaning air filters can lower energy consumption by up to 15 percent, according to Breaking Energy. Check the evaporator coil as well.
  • Make some kitchen changes: Business Wire recommends vacuuming refrigerator coils and diminishing dust buildups, which can cause the motor to use more energy. In addition, clean your oven. A dirty oven can absorb heat and require more energy. 
  • Seal ducts: Open ducts can lead to significant air loss, resulting in high electricity costs and wasted energy. This can cause your cooling system to work up to 30 percent harder than it already is, putting a strain on its motor and your electricity budget. 

According to Energy Star, replacing the light bulbs in your home can also have a lasting effect. Switching out just five light bulbs for Energy Star bulbs can save you up to $75 on your next bill. A LED light bulb can also be a good alternative. In addition, using an electronic power strip can help prevent "phantom loads." Phantom loads are plugged-in electronics that are not in use but still consume energy. Turning off the power strip when not in use can save you up to $100 on your next bill.

Conducting a home energy efficiency inspection can help identify your home's problems and figure out a plan of action. Visit our website for more information or to schedule an inspection.