4 benefits of LED light bulbs

According to PC Magazine, Philips Lighting has partnered with Home Depot to create a $5 LED light bulb. 

The LED A19 bulb uses only 8.5 watts of power and was created with shatter-resistant material. Perfect for bathroom light fixtures, closet lighting and kids rooms, the bulb can save home owners about $62 for every bulb lifespan. It will cost about $1.02 per bulb lifespan. 

It is available as of now on Amazon and will be available for sale at Home Depot beginning in May.

LED bulbs have numerous benefits including:

  • Design flexibility: LED bulbs can be combined into any shape to produce energy efficient lighting. They can also be dimmed by changing the color or light power.
  • Eco-friendly: LED lights are made with no chemicals and are 100 percent recyclable. According to LED Luxor, one LED bulb can prevent the creation of 25 incandescent bulbs.
  • Energy efficient: LED bulbs are made to illuminate using about 80 percent of energy to light a room at a loss of 20 percent to heating. The numbers for incandescent and other types of bulbs are much higher compared to these. 
  • Long life span: The life span of these bulbs is much longer than other bulbs. You can expect to use one bulb for up to 100,000 hours of lighting.

There are numerous types of LED bulbs you can use in your home. 

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