4 benefits of an energy audit

Alban Inspections' experience with energy assessments and energy efficiency has found that two main ideas, cost and comfort, are most often associated with heating and cooling the home. 

Alban offers residential energy audits, a process that examines both the energy features of the home and tests the home for basic cooling abilities. During this test, multiple factors in the home will be inspected including the heating and cooling system, insulation, building tightness and possible areas prone to leakage. 

The examination in total, is a test of how homes create and lose energy. 

What are some of the many known benefits associated with home energy audits? These include:

  • Environmental awareness: According to the Residential Energy Services Network, 16 percent of greenhouse gases are generated by residential homes. Making improvements through a home inspection can help eliminate some of these gases, as well as other harmful pollutants. 
  • Home comfort: During a home inspection for energy usage, areas that are prone to leaking will often be found. Whether these leaks have to do with a cooling system or other home area, they are known to waste money and harm homeowner health. 
  • Increased home resale value: Recent data from a study published in the Appraisal Journal found that every $1 decrease in annual energy costs increased the market value of a home by $20. Decreasing energy costs by $300 per year increased home value by $6,000.
  • Lower energy bills: Taking steps toward implementing more cost-effective measures in the home will lower utility bills on both a monthly and yearly scale.

If you're interested in learning more about a home inspection, schedule an energy audit with Alban Inspections today.