3 ways to reduce energy waste in the home

October is a month of many awareness campaigns and calls to action, including domestic violence and breast cancer. October is also home to Energy Star Day. Characterized by reducing energy usage and costs, as well as protecting the earth's climate, this day highlights the still real need for changes in energy usage for Americans.

According to The Huffington Post:

  • Americans spend $130 billion per year on energy that has no real purpose.
  • The amount of energy wasted by 75,000 average American homes in one year is equal to the amount of waste that was spewed during the 2010 BP oil rig disaster.
  • The amount of energy wasted by U.S. businesses and homeowners would have been enough in 2012 to power the United Kingdom for seven years.

Keep the following tips in mind for reducing energy usage in your life today:

  • Invest in thermostats that can be controlled based on auto adjustments or remote cell phone access. By turning down the heat or air conditioning when it's not in use or when no one is at home, costs can be greatly reduced.
  • Light dimmers can make a huge difference, saving more than 90 percent of light usage when implemented correctly. Keep in mind too, the less light you use, the longer the life of your LED light bulbs.
  • Using a dual flush toilet reduces water waste by only using water as it is needed rather than as it is flushed each time. Another easy bathroom fix involving the shower head uses a water drip feature instead of continuously running water to reduce waste.

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