3 ways to lower energy bills

Energy efficiency is an important part of being a homeowner. Although many focus on paying off debts, adding on to the household and meeting each monthly bill payment on time, focusing on efficiency can aid in all of these areas. 

As autumn is still upon many, it's important to note changes that can begin to reduce costs now and in the future. Keep the following three tips in mind for optimal efficiency:

  • Control the thermostat: By using a programmable thermostat, or one that checks room usage and temperature, you can keep your home warm and your bills lower. Often, it costs more to keep the house warm at all times than to turn on the heat or change it as necessary.
  • Keep the draft outside: When was the last time you changed your window treatments or took a hard look at your actual windows? If the windows appear full functional, keep them, but consider adding heavier curtains or sealing the edges with a saran-like material. In addition, caulking any apparent holes or opened edges will make a difference. During this time, look at other entryways as well. Use weather stripping or door sweeps for draftier doors as well.
  • Manage your heating system: No matter how new a system is, it will still need routine maintenance. Be sure you understand how the heat works, and know the signs of any trouble. Changing a filter or a setting is a simple fix that can make a huge difference.

If you're interested in learning about the energy efficiency in your home, schedule a consultation with Alban Inspections. Our energy assessment information, keeping cost and comfort in mind, is a great start for change. Visit our website for more information.