3 things you should avoid during a home sale

Hosting a home sale is one of the biggest financial undertakings a person can make. If it goes off without a hitch, an offer can be made within a few short hours. But for some sellers, there are mistakes that can be easy to make, especially if it's spur of the moment.

Listing your home during the winter is already a slight disadvantage, but a sale is definitely not impossible. Many homeowners know what to do, but knowing what not to do is also important. Keep the following three things in mind, filed under "never do during your home sale" for future reference.

  1. Be sure not to forget all the great perks: When you're meeting with a real estate agent or listing the highlights of your home online, be sure to not forget anything! Buyers want homes with it all and then some. Have you had a recent energy audit or have you made awesome home improvements? With this information in mind, buyers are more likely to make an offer.
  2. Don't put your foot in your mouth: A home sale can be comparable to a first date at times. There are things that should be said, and there are also hot topics to avoid. Never lead off a sentence with, "We've never had this problem" or something as general as, "Our home is in perfect condition." When buyers have the highest of expectations, simple issues can become more glaring.
  3. Never skimp on the cleaning: No buyer will be able to see themselves in a dirty or messy home. Be sure to invest in a professional cleaning service a few days before and even make touch-ups the morning of the open house.

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