3 problems your roof may have in winter

Of all the parts of a house, the roof bears the brunt of winter most directly, leaving it the most vulnerable to damage during the season. Exposed to the elements, your roof supports snow, ice and rapidly fluctuating extreme temperatures to keep you and your family dry and warm, so don't you think it deserves some care from time to time too? If you start to see any of these common problems, call a licensed home inspector to check your roof for damage:

  • Condensation: As warm, moist air rises to the level of the ceiling and, in the case of the top floor of the house, the underside of the roof. It then condenses into droplets which accumulate on the surface. This might not seem so threatening — what's a few drops of water, after all? But in the winter months, the water works its way into the wood of the roof and freezes, causing it to expand and create cracks and structural issues, along with the problem of moisture in the home, which can lead to mold infestation.
  • Ice dams: These large, thick accumulations of ice along the eaves and gutters of a home are caused by ice melting, running down to the edge of the roof, and re-freezing there. This can be due to the house's own heating system, or to fluctuating temperatures that melt the ice during the day, then freeze it at night. The weight of the ice can warp the roof, and in the re-freezing process, the ice can get under the shingles and pop them off.
  • Icicles: In moderation, icicles are just a pretty feature of the season. But if they get too large, they can endanger the people that walk underneath them and cause damage to your gutters.

If you suspect the winter weather is causing problems for your roof, call Alban to schedule a home inspection today.