3 more tips on how to spend less on energy consumption

In an earlier article we discussed two of the innovative ways you can save money on home energy consumption, specifically without having to make large purchases that may drain your bank account or change the look of your property. 

Here are three more examples: 

Double Pane Windows: Almost a quarter of all heating and cooling costs come by the utilization of single pane windows. Nevertheless, double pane windows are not what most people would call cheap. At an average cost of $600 per window, and usual savings of $500 annually if all of a home's windows are replaced, you have to decide for yourself if the years it will take to recoup the cost is worth the investment.

Energy Monitor: One of the greatest hindrances to changing the way we consume energy is not having a clear picture of how much power we're using. According to a study conducted in the British Isles, as reported by Money Crashers, households with energy monitors typically saved between 10 and 15 percent on their annual costs simply by being aware of how much power their home was consuming. These devices are both affordable and simple to use and install, providing reports up to the minute regarding energy use. 

High-efficiency Heating & Air Conditioning Systems: Sometimes the straightest path to saving money comes by purchasing a more effective product. Higher quality HVAC systems can double the performance of your home's energy consumption which effectively cuts your costs in half. As these devices grow more affordable, the combination of greater efficiency with lower initial investment costs means that they can pay for themselves over the course of a few years. 

To learn more about how much energy your home is consuming and what improvements can be made, schedule an energy audit with industry-leader Alban Inspections if you live in the Virginia or Washington, D.C. area.