3 end-of-summer home improvement projects to tackle this August

Although many wish it wouldn’t come to a close, the last weeks of August signify a shift from the dog days of summer into back-to-school mode for parents and kids.

Before the weekly activities, meetings and other commitments begin to pile up again, there are a few summer home projects to do before fall rolls around.

Landscaping is a great end-of-the-summer routine to begin. Cleaning out the garden or pulling weeds and dried-out plants signifies a shift to fall foliage and warmer-toned arrangements of fall and winter-ready flowers. Getting a head start never hurts.

Although most landscaping jobs can be done by a homeowner, be sure to leave pruning and ladder-work to experienced professionals.

Before you seal your home up against the cool weather to come, keep all pests such as termites and spiders outside as well. Check windows, doors and other entryways for small passageways that can be used by critters.

Finally, check out the energy efficiency of your home. Scheduling an energy audit with Alban Inspections is a great way to reduce heating and other bills that accompany autumn.