3 common home defects to look for this summer

If you’re searching for a new home this summer, be sure to look out for three of the most common home defects buyers face. Although a new home purchase may seem perfect at first, taking a second look is best to ensure everything is in proper working order. First, be aware of older characteristics. Older homes may have dangerous levels of radon, toxic mold or even asbestos hiding in their walls due to fewer building restrictions and the limited technology available when the residence was first built. Look inside the walls as well. A home that suffers from inadequate ventilation will create a laundry list of issues including loss of energy efficiency and possible moisture buildup. A good system will keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A home that is sloping excessively or is surrounded by standing water is a clear sign of a poor drainage issue. Although this can be fixed, sometimes the only solution for is a complete system replacement. Make sure your dream home is safe to move into with a professional inspection by Alban Inspections. Check back here for more tips this summer.