Since 1994, Alban Inspections clients have utilized Alban home inspectors for the pre-listing home inspections and for their various environmental inspection needs. A pre-listing Alban inspection begins and ends with the inspector, a highly trained, licensed and ASHI-certified professional with years of experience. An ASHI inspection is the finest home inspection available. The inspector’s objective is to effectively communicate and educate you as the current owner in order to inform and reassure you as you face the uncertainties of trying to sell your home and move-on. An Alban Inspection instills peace of mind for you. Take a look at the below client testimonials.

That’s why every Alban Home Inspection will evaluate, identify, and accurately report on the condition of every accessible area of your property, both inside and out. Completing a comprehensive Alban pre-listing home inspection gives you that all-important peace of mind. Knowledge is power. You can breathe easy, knowing that you have been provided with the information with which to evaluate what improvements you can make, whether minor or major, to enhance the salability of your home. Use our report with your Realtor® to prepare your home for sale.

Alban inspectors are qualified to use infrared cameras, which are the latest diagnostic tool, and we can perform radon, mold, lead-based paint and water testing at the time of the scheduled pre-listing inspection.

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Below are just a sampling of the many testimonials sent to us from our clients. See the Testimonial section for both client and additional Realtor® comments.

“My inspector was Robert Montiel. He went above and beyond his job. I really felt he listened to me and also, as a first time homebuyer, he answered all my questions. I surely recommend this company and Robert Montiel!” May 12, 2015