Why Get a Home Inspection?

Three simple words: Peace of Mind. That’s what you get with an Alban Home Inspection.

Think about it: Look at the beautiful new home you have found after months of searching, pretty much a dream come true. Starry-eyed, you’ve already started decorating in your head. But, remember, that dream comes with a hefty price tag, probably the largest single expenditure you will make in your entire lifetime. Well, in order to prevent your dream home from becoming a costly nightmare, you need to have a clear-eyed, unemotional expert take a long, hard look at your new investment. You need an ASHI-certified Alban Inspector. Here’s why:

Alban will conduct a thorough inspection of the home from foundation to roof, inside and out, to identify existing or potential problems that could affect your long-term investment. In addition to conducting a visual examination of the home, Alban inspects the following components:

*Foundation, basement

*Heating system

*Visible insulation

and structural elements

*Central air conditioning

*Kitchen elements

*Roof and attic

*Ventilation features

appliances and vents

*Gutters, chimneys & siding

*Plumbing system,

*Outbuilding and garages

*Windows and doors

including water heater

*Grading, grounds, and

*Ceiling, walls and floors

*Electrical system

landscape materials

In addition, Alban tests for proper operating temperatures where appropriate, microwave leakage, and, if requested, excess moisture in lumber, drywall, masonry, and concrete.

We encourage you to accompany the inspector so you will better understand the operation of your home. At the conclusion of the inspection, we will provide you with an in- depth written report that includes:

*The home’s strengths

*Areas of concern


*Service life of equipment

*Repair or replacement cost estimate

Plus, included at no extra charge, you’re covered by the 90-day warranty offered by Complete Appliance Protection, Inc., a Better Business Bureau accredited company. If something goes wrong with your covered appliances within 90 days of your home inspection, simply call our warranty professionals and they will take care of the problem.

With the knowledge and confidence that comes with an Alban Inspection and 90-day warranty, you can sleep easier. And, that’s the value, the importance, of peace of mind.

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