Unfortunately, it’s very common for mold to appear in your home at some point. Any time there is flooding, leaks or high moisture levels, water damage can occur. Molds thrive in warm, damp environments, and they can grow on a wide variety of surfaces. Therefore, it’s best to know how to mitigate this issue before it becomes a larger problem. If mold is present in your home, it can cause adverse health effects such as allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory ailments. 

Mold is a naturally-occurring fungus that helps dead matter decompose, but you don’t want to find it indoors. In addition to causing health complications, mold can also impact the structural components of your home. If you believe you need a mold inspection in Rockville, MD, don’t wait. Our team at Alban Inspections is equipped to handle such issues, and we are able to resolve them quickly.

Signs of Mold in Your Home

You may think that mold is easy to identify, but many homeowners don’t notice it right away. Mold spores can start as a few splotches on your walls and grow over time. If you’re unsure whether or not this is an issue in your home, consider the following signs:  

  • A strong musty smell 
  • Someone in your home suffering from respiratory issues or allergies
  • Any evidence of water damage
  • Leaking drains
  • Plumbing issues in your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom
  • An unmaintained or dirty HVAC system
  • Carpet that is in direct contact with concrete flooring
  • Any signs of a leak in your roof, walls or foundation


If you have noticed any of these signs, reach out to us to schedule your mold inspection in Rockville, MD.

Why Is Mold Growing in Your Home?

Mold reproduces by generating tiny spores that aren’t visible to the naked eye. When these spores travel through the air, they eventually land on moist surfaces. Consequently, any dampness in your home can quickly become a problem. While it is difficult to eradicate mold completely, it can be removed with proper measures. Ultimately, any water damage must be cleaned up along with the mold to ensure it does not return. To prevent mold issues, ventilation is also highly recommended. However, should this become a problem, our specialists can perform a mold inspection in Rockville, MD, to identify spores and stop them in their tracks. 

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What is The Mold Inspection Process Like?

When you require a mold inspection in Rockville, MD, it’s always a good idea to refer to experts. Professionals can provide you with reliable information and guidance you simply won’t get anywhere else. 

Before removing mold from your home, our skilled inspectors will identify the issue and make a determination. Our process includes:

  • Visual Inspection. Our experienced technicians will visit your home to search for any mold spores. They will first investigate common problem areas (such as damp walls and floors) to locate mold growth.  
  • Sampling. Next, we’ll gather samples using tape lifts, air sampling and swab sampling. From there, our experts will send them off to the lab for testing.
  • Detailed Report. Upon reaching a conclusion, we will sit down with you to discuss the report. We will also suggests possible solutions for eradicating mold from your home. 

Contact Alban Inspections Today for Mold Inspection in Rockville, MD

If you have a severe mold infestation that poses a danger to your health or your home, we’ll provide you with the expert assistance you need. Our trained mold removal experts will provide you with a multi-faceted strategy to control existing growth and stop new spots from forming. If you suspect a problem in your home, give us a call at (301) 831-4357 to schedule a mold inspection in Rockville, MD today!