Mold is a natural occurrence, and outdoors it plays a role in helping dead organic matter like leaves and trees decompose. Indoors, however, it can be a nuisance. Not all mold is hazardous, but it can lead to health problems due to the allergens, irritants and mycotoxins it produces. Common allergic reactions include red eyes, rashes, sneezing and a runny nose. Mold can also cause asthma attacks for someone in your home who is allergic.

Research on mold is still ongoing, but in most cases, it’s something you want to avoid and prevent. In addition to a slew of health problems, mold also causes damage to housing components as it spreads into wood and drywall. For a mold inspection in Montgomery County, MD, call the experts at Alban Inspections. We can help you identify and resolve the problem before it becomes a larger issue.

Signs of Mold in Your Home

Sometimes, you may not know mold is causing problems in your home. Some signs could be easily mistaken for other things or explained away. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of questions that should help you make a proper determination:

  • Is there a musty smell in your home?
  • Is there any water damage present?
  • Do you live with someone experiencing allergies or respiratory problems?
  • Is your HVAC system dirty or in need of maintenance?
  • Have you notice plumbing issues such as damp spots in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom?
  • Are any drains leaking?
  • Is your carpet in contact with concrete?
  • Are there any leaks in your roof, walls or foundation?

Have you noticed any of these indicators? Contact us to schedule a mold inspection in Montgomery County, MD today.

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Why Is Mold Growing in Your Home?

Mold replicates by producing miniscule spores that can’t be seen. As it makes its way through the air, these spores then land on wet areas. Much of the problem, therefore, has to do with moisture. Your home should be ventilated correctly to avoid this problem. If there are several warm, damp areas in your home or you live in a humid environment, a dehumidifier can be a major asset. However, you should first contact a team of specialists for a mold inspection in Montgomery County, MD, to identify the scope of the issue.

What is The Mold Inspection Process Like?

Mold can be eradicated, but first you have to know whether or not it is an issue. It’s always best to refer to trained experts rather than attempting to solve this complex problem on your own. Mold can be difficult to detect at times, and some types of mold are more damaging than others. Performing a proper mold inspection in Montgomery County, MD, is a first step towards solving this problem and getting back to enjoying your home.

  • Visual Inspection. First, our experienced technicians will examine your home to identify any mold growth. They are highly skilled at locating problem areas (such as damp walls and leaks) and investigating with precision.
  • Sampling. From there, we will collect mold samples and complete an in-depth laboratory analysis to establish what kind of mold is present.
  • Detailed Report. After coming to a conclusion, we will sit down with you to discuss the results. We will also recommend timely, affordable solutions to eliminate the mold growth in your home.

Contact Alban Inspections Today for Mold Inspection in Montgomery County, MD

If you have a severe mold infestation that poses a danger to your health or your home, we’ll provide you with the expert assistance you need. Our trained mold removal experts will provide you with a multi-faceted strategy to control existing growth and stop new spots from forming. If you suspect a problem in your home, give us a call at 301-679-3573 to schedule a mold inspection in Montgomery County, MD today!