Your dream home needs an inspection you can count on — call today.

A new home is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make. So, you can’t afford to cut any corners or have any poor craftsmanship.

That’s why Alban Inspections, Inc. offers Bethesda, MD inspections from professionals with years of ASHI-certified experience. When one of our technicians goes on a job, they’re ready to tackle it no matter what problems your property may have.

When you work with one of our experts, we’ll take care to make sure to cover you in all areas, such as:

  • HVAC, ventilation, and heating systems
  • Foundation, basement, and other vital structural elements
  • Roof and attic condition
  • Kitchen testing
  • Plumbing condition
  • Exterior quality, including siding, windows, and doors
  • Landscape and ground evaluation
  • Electrical system care

Once we complete the job, you’ll receive a full report on all every area of your home, so you’ll know where your assets and faults lie. Don’t settle for anything less than a complete, comprehensive understanding of your home. Call Alban today.

Structural Verification You Can Count On

When you’re buying a house, the most important asset you can hope for is confidence. And while it’s your job to be sure of what the home can offer you, it’s the home inspector’s job to make sure everything in the structure is sturdy enough to keep you safe and sound.

Our home inspectors bring years of experience and ASHI certification to every job to ensure that you get an in-depth, careful inspection that promises to root out any insecurities in your home. For anyone that prefers to communicate in Spanish, we are happy to provide a Spanish speaking home inspector. By focusing on every square foot of the property, you can rest easy and feel more confident than ever in your purchase.

A Few Hours for Your Peace of Mind

Buying a house can involve a lot of ups and downs, not to mention a lengthy timeline. But when you work with an Alban home inspector, you can trust that the home you’re buying will get a speedy home inspection that doesn’t sacrifice thoroughness. After just a few hours, an inspector can provide you with a comprehensive list of essential factors in the house and the grounds, including:

  • Potential risky areas
  • Necessary maintenance
  • State of the appliances and equipment
  • Strong points of the home

Our technicians will work with you to provide 100% satisfaction with our reports and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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Proactive Pre-listing Checkups

Why wait for the seller to find surprises? Alban also offers home inspections to those putting their house on the market, so they can make sure they’re up-to-date about the strengths and weaknesses of their house.

Not only will this quiet your concerns about the sale, but it can inform your business decisions and affect your pricing offers. Alban home inspectors can help ensure you don’t get the rug pulled out from under your sale by hidden contaminants in your home.

At Alban, we work hard to give customers a calm, transparent environment to make decisions. We welcome our customers to ask questions, learn about our process, and follow along during our home inspections to learn about their future or current house.

To learn more about our team and their process, visit our blog and read about our professionals’ guidelines at Alban. Then don’t hesitate to give us a call for service!

Our friendly professionals are standing by to help answer any questions or concerns you have about the Bethesda, MD home inspection process at Alban Inspections.

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