How do you know that your home is a safe place to live? Are you confident that there are not underlying issues that might impact your home sale or purchase? One of the best ways to get informed about your home is through a home inspection. Alban Inspections, Inc. is an experienced provider of home inspections in Rockville, MD. We offer inspections for home sellers, home buyers and homeowners looking to learn more about their living space. Our team also has Spanish speaking inspectors available upon request. We want you to feel informed and confident about the property being inspected, and we want to help you fully understand any underlying problems with the space and their potential solutions. We offer a 100% customer guarantee for our inspection services, and we are proud of the quality of inspection that we offer to every client.

We are proud of the work that we perform, and to increase your peace of mind, we offer a 100% customer guarantee for our inspection services. How can we help you?

Why Are Home Inspections in Rockville, MD Important?

If you are not experienced when it comes to the warning signs and subtle indicators that something might be wrong with a home, you could walk right by a safety hazard or potential costly repair without ever realizing it. Home inspectors know the many different signs that something might be wrong, and our professionals have experience inspecting homes of every size and style to make sure that everything is safe and secure. As we complete and finish our home inspections in Rockville, MD, we will cover all of the weaknesses and strengths of the property so that you are able to make your decisions with as much information as possible. We can also answer questions that you might have along the way.

What Do Home Inspections in Rockville, MD Include?

We offer comprehensive home inspections that are thorough and designed to detect all problems, big or small. Our new home, current home and pre-listing inspections include:

  • Thoroughly examining the heating and air conditioning systems including the central air system, HVAC systems, furnaces, kitchen ventilation, vents, bathroom fans and more
  • Inspecting all structural elements of the home to ensure they meet code standards and have no issues, including the doors, foundation, basement, windows, walls, roof, attic and crawl spaces
  • Examining the exterior of the home including the gutters, siding, chimneys, gardens, landscaping materials and more
  • Inspecting the electrical systems, including kitchen appliances, other household appliances, lighting and more
  • Looking over other structures that are on the property, including things like in-law apartments, sheds and garages
  • Examining the ventilation and air quality in the home including looking for potential contaminants, examining the insulation, looking for signs of air quality issues and performing additional testing if requested

Our detailed home inspections in Rockville, MD are a great way to learn more about your house and know exactly what you are getting into.

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Who Performs Home Inspections in Rockville, MD?

Alban Inspections is a leading provider of professional home inspections in Rockville, MD. We want you to feel comfortable at the property you live in or the property that you are planning on purchasing. All buyers and sellers need to work with experienced home inspectors, even if they feel confident in a cursory inspection of the property. Your house is a major investment, and waiving your right to an inspection can lead to serious problems and steep repair bills in the immediate future, with no ability to re-negotiate the terms of the home purchase. There are many issues that do not present in a manner that is obvious to an untrained person, even if you’ve lived in many houses before, and our inspectors understand how to find existing issues and causes for concern that you should know about. Don’t let the safety of your family be in question without a home inspection.

How Can I Schedule Home Inspections in Rockville, MD?

Call Alban Inspections today at 301-760-2909 to schedule an appointment for a home inspection. We have flexible scheduling and always show up on time to your appointment. We serve homeowners throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania and can also complete radon testing, mold testing, water and septic system testing, lead-based paint inspections, commercial inspections and consultations. We are ready to help you feel confident purchasing your new home or property.