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That new home may look beautiful from the outside, but it’s worth taking the time for a thorough home inspection to make sure it lives up to your expectations. That’s where Alban Inspections, Inc. can help. For decades, we’ve been assisting Bethesda, MD residents so they can feel confident in their home sales. We ferret out and identify problems no matter where they are, and help home buyers and sellers solve them.

And we want all our customers to rest easy once we’ve done our walkthrough. So, when you’re dealing with Alban home inspection services, expect a 100% customer guarantee.

Rigorous Home Inspection Services and Reports

When we walk through a home, we don’t just casually look around. We take stock of every inch, ensuring that it contributes to an environment that’s both safe and secure. Our technicians want to go beyond just finding the strengths of the home through a visual examination. Instead, we offer all our customers a series of complete home inspection services that give them peace of mind.

Alban promises that every home inspection service inspects the following components:

  • Structural elements: Verifying the foundation, basement, doors, windows, roof, walls, and any attic or crawl spaces are within code
  • Heating and air conditioning systems: Including central air, HVACs, furnaces, kitchen vents, and more
  • Ventilation features: Ensuring the air quality in the home is healthy and breathable, which includes examining any visible insulation, potential contaminants or irritants, and more
  • Exteriors: Our technicians will look over both the surface of the house (siding, chimneys, and gutters) as well as the surrounding grounds, gardens, landscape materials, and other potential issues
  • Electrical systems: Including lighting, kitchen appliances, and more
  • Other units or structures: If the land has other units, like mother-in-law apartments or garages, our technicians will provide the same level of inspection for those areas

Why Seek Out Home Inspection Services?

You may be asking yourself if you even need our home inspection services — after all, that property looked clean and low-risk.

But we recommend that every buyer and seller seek out home inspection services, no matter how sure they are in the property. After all, that home represents one of the most significant financial investments you’ll ever make. That dream comes with a hefty price tag, which can become even more expensive if you don’t assess the issues upfront.

Many contaminants and breakdowns don’t present as you’d expect and can sneak up out of nowhere if you’re not careful. Our technicians are certified and highly trained to spot warning signs and wear and tear that the average layperson might not.

A single visit from an Alban technician can not only give you peace of mind, but it can also help protect you from more dangerous and costly damages down the line. Alban Inspections is happy to provide a Spanish speaking inspector for any customer that would prefer to communicate in Spanish.

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Why Alban Inspections?

We’ve been providing Bethesda, MD residents with comprehensive home care since 1994. In all those years, we’ve seen it all. That’s why we know what to look for and provide excellent customer service to reassure our clients.

We have Better Business Bureau accreditation and more than 20 years of happy clients who can attest to our skill and expertise when providing home inspection services.

Are you interested in learning more? Our blog provides more resources for those interested in understanding how home inspection services operate.

Call 301-831-4357, and one of our friendly staff members can help you get your Bethesda, MD home inspection services scheduled so you can feel confident under your roof.