Are you losing money every time you kick on the air conditioning because of your leaky windows or gaps underneath the doors? Is the home you are about to purchase hiding an energy-wasting secret? The best way to make sure you are living in the most energy efficient space possible is by having a home energy audit in Hagerstown, MD. Alban Inspections is here to help ensure that you have as much information about the home you are buying, selling or living in as possible.

What Is a Home Energy Audit in Hagerstown, MD?

Energy audits are one way to pinpoint energy inefficiencies in your home. All of the home energy auditors at Alban Inspections are nationally certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors and certified by the Building Performance Institute. Whether the home you are living in or purchasing is brand new or old, the utility bills might be much steeper than necessary. A home energy audit in Hagerstown, MD will examine the energy efficiency features of the home and put the home through thorough testing.

Some of the things that will be examined include the heating and cooling systems, existing energy costs, attic insulation and more. We also complete blower door tests to check for building tightness and use a cutting-edge infrared camera to check for uninsulated areas and air leakage. At the end, you will receive results that show you a detailed picture of how your home uses and loses energy.

Why Are Energy Audits Important?

  • Energy costs are continuing to rise. If you don’t take steps to make your home more energy efficient now, the amount that you spend on energy will keep going up.
  • Older homes were not designed with energy usage in mind, so if you are living in or purchasing an older home, a home energy audit in Hagerstown, MD can help to upgrade your home.
  • Energy audits can find other issues in your home that contribute to poor indoor air quality. As we spend more time inside and some of us work remotely, great indoor air quality is more important than ever.
  • Many homeowners do not realize how much energy they waste every month. A home energy audit is the only way to understand exactly how much you are wasting and the small changes that can make a big difference. You wouldn’t keep driving a car that was constantly leaking gasoline, so why should you settle for a home that is always losing energy?
  • A home that does not use energy well can be very uncomfortable to live in. Hot spots and cold spots are not just a problem on your bills, but also make your home anything but the cozy place it should be.
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Who Performs a Home Energy Audit in Hagerstown, MD?

Alban Inspections is a leading provider of home inspection and energy audit services throughout the greater Hagerstown area. We are careful and thorough and dedicated to ensuring exceptional outcomes. We want you to feel confident making decisions about your home or the home you are interested in buying, and our comprehensive energy inspection will help equip you with more knowledge than ever before. At the end of the process, you will receive a prioritized list of suggested improvements. This helps you make the changes as gradually as you need to and prioritize the investments you make.

How Can I Schedule a Home Energy Audit in Hagerstown, MD?

Call Alban Inspections today at 301-760-2909 to schedule an appointment for a home inspection. We have flexible scheduling and always show up on time to your appointment. We serve homeowners throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania and can also complete radon testing, mold testing, water and septic system testing, lead-based paint inspections, commercial inspections and consultations. We are ready to help you feel confident purchasing your new home or property.